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Experience: German Fetish Ball 2017 and 2018

I had dreamed of seeing a big fetish event in Europe for a long time. I had a hunch that big events could be places where I would enjoy my time. I had made a picture in my mind of events where the main idea would be to meet like-minded people and have a kind of grown-ups dress up parties. I'm not after play parties or sessions (although I don't judge them of course) so these kind of fetish events would be ideal for me. The place where you can dress up in special and pretentious outfits and meet other people who also dress up fantastically and admires your uniqueness and something that is so important to you. Finally I had a chance to get my first experience abroad. I want to share my experiences here so maybe someone can get some hints and get a better picture what we are talking about.

This experience introduces German Fetish Ball (GFB) from two years. Let's have a look =)
In this year I was a first-timer taking part on GFB. I had never had an opportunity to travel the…

Review: Cyber Goth raver outfit / Latex by Tiina Rikala

I had planned to have a latex rave outfit for few years. I thought these two themes would go great together. I had been close to making a commission to a tailor but because of some setbacks it took its time. Finally I had my chance with my partner Tigrita who was excited about the idea too. So we planned the costumes in cooperation with one friend and the tailor and got ourselves unique and special outfits. Here's my experience about my one.

My costume was designed and planned totally by a tailor Latex by Tiina Rikala that operates in Finland. She has a long history with making special clothing and outfits. If I have a unique idea about a latex costume or clothing it is highly probable I contact her. After all there are only limited number of designers who make custom orders and still it's even more rare in Finland.

I gave Tiina quite free hands in planning the costume. When we met I just made few wishes for the costume. I wanted the costume forming from rave trousers with big …

Foreword about Senshi's Shelters Reviews

As my own sideproject I have started creating some reviews of fetish fashion on this blog. The reason is purely that there are so few websites or models who really put a good and honest effort on showing, introducing and rating different clothes or products. I wouldn't like to buy a pig on the poke and I have really missed some good reviews instead repetitive and always product-promoting updates. It's quite rare to see a model posting criticism about her products, no? (And one other thing - definitely always her. Has the alternative models always be only women?)

So here is my effort to give some transparency and closer look to different products. This is all about giving you a better picture of the product that fancies you. This is an attempt to clarify what kind and quality of products you are about to order and from what kind of manufacturer.

I start this as my hobby and time will tell if it turns to be popular or even commercial. I guess it will never be as popular as female …