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Who even invented crossdressing and gender casts?

The common conservative demands create an unequal situation between genders. It is highly acknowledged that men and women should wear different type of clothes. I should read more history as I can't figure how have this become an overwhelming standard in such free cultures as in modern western countries. If we take a look back for approximately few hundred years there were many high-valued men wearing pantyhose, high boots, corsets and even wigs. Nowadays if we narrow it simply the only clothing that a "real man" should wear is the mens suit. Collared shirt and a tie. If someone want's to add some color he can change the tie or pocket hankie. Man, that's vibrant.

Men doesn't have much options nowadays. It's the culture and standards of beauty that force men to be in a small cast. How can a man be commonly accepted if he wishes to wear different kind of clothes than just a jacket and tie? What if the man wishes to wear tight shiny leggings, latex garments o…

Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to try kinky things or not

Kinky subjects can be sensitive themes between people who don't share the interest or understanding about kinky things in a same way. It's quite common that a couple have different ideas about intimacy, good sex, fantasies or even about good ways to spend spare time at home together. The art of the relationship is that how does the couple combine their interests and dreams together so they can live together and pursue the things they wish. Sometimes relationship might demand someone to drop a thing or two because the other doesn't want same things or even can't live pleasantly if forced to deal with them. On the other hand some things can be a shared subject of interest which can give the relationship a strong bond and might be not only a pleasant thing but even a source of power and happiness. These things are vital for the relationship as they are the glue between the couple.

If there are things that share couples opinions they have to be solved. Sometimes these thing…

Fetish clothing belongs to everyone

Most of the people who wish to wear fetish clothes are ordinary human beings. They are people who love the look and feeling of the clothing or who have a fetish need for them. They are of different gender, different size, different age and so on. There is no such regulation that the one wearing fetish clothing should be of certain type of individual. Unfortunately some people judge and criticize those who don't look like a supermodel while wearing something that attracts attention.

When talking about a fetish it's totally unimportant what kind of body the fetishist have. It doesn't affect on that fact the person is still a fetishist and needs that important thing close to him or her. The fetish might be nice to look from the mirror but more common is that the fetish is just present for the fetishist. And even if the fetishist would like to see the fetish dressed on in the mirror reflection it's still a beautiful sight despite of body type. The fetish completes the perso…