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Movies: Dogs Don't Wear Pants (Finland, 2019)

Dogs Don't Wear Pants (Koirat eivät käytä housuja) is a finnish movie telling a story that involves BDSM-culture and how it can be important to some people. It was completed during 2019 and its premiere was 1.11.2019. It's directed by J-P Valkeapää and starred by finnish top actors Krista Kosonen and Pekka Strang.

When I heard about this movie for first time I was really surprised but also very happy. As there aren't very much serious, warm and understanding movies concerning kinky side this movie could have come in need. My expectation of the movie was high as I really hoped it would bring enlightenment to people about the importance and good sides of fetishes and BDSM.

I went to see the movie right after its premiere on 2.11.2019.

The storyline is following. Juha is the main character of the movie. He has lost his wife in an accident and has suffered himself from almost drowning. His life is numb and he yearns for his wife continuously. He still can take care of his daughte…
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Why latex can be a fetish?

It is easy to imagine people marveling others by their features when those features are new and strange subjects to them. Fetishes can easily be surprising subjects to people who haven't dealt with them in any way before. They may be odd, sometimes even frightening but sometimes maybe even fascinating subjects. As always I encourage people to learn about subjects before making hasty prejudices or judgements.

To put my effort on proper fetish enlightenment I decided to tell my visual angle why latex can be a fetish. I tell only my point of view and only about latex because there are lots of different fetishes and experiences of the fetishists are often unique. So everyone could tell a bit different stories.

I think latex is a common fetish for many reasons. It has lots to offer for almost every sense. In a nutshell latex is a fetish because of its:
- Feeling
- Looks
- Scent
- Sounds

The feeling of latex divides opinions. There is a quote: "Latex clothing is a principle". It mean…

Free gifts and sponsoring to fetish models - true or false?

It is not always made clear to people that celebrities and famous stars get free gifts from companies and manufacturers. But as it has been already proved famous people are getting those offers very often. Actually it is quite outrageous that the people who get so much money still gets free gifts from expensive products just if they are willing to use them and show them off to ordinary people. Because when ordinary people see some rich and famous celebrity using certain type of product or clothing they begin dreaming that maybe they could have those items too. This creates demand and business.

But who wouldn't take free gifts if offered and if they would be nice and interesting? If I would be offered a new top notch smartphone free of charge and I just had to show it around in the city and post some pictures to Instagram why would I deny? It's just that I don't have millions of followers on social media so I'm not creating huge business and therefore I'm not offered…