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Free gifts and sponsoring to fetish models - true or false?

It is not always made clear to people that celebrities and famous stars get free gifts from companies and manufacturers. But as it has been already proved famous people are getting those offers very often. Actually it is quite outrageous that the people who get so much money still gets free gifts from expensive products just if they are willing to use them and show them off to ordinary people. Because when ordinary people see some rich and famous celebrity using certain type of product or clothing they begin dreaming that maybe they could have those items too. This creates demand and business.

But who wouldn't take free gifts if offered and if they would be nice and interesting? If I would be offered a new top notch smartphone free of charge and I just had to show it around in the city and post some pictures to Instagram why would I deny? It's just that I don't have millions of followers on social media so I'm not creating huge business and therefore I'm not offered with gifts. If I could offer anything at all in exchange that could benefit the donator maybe there would be a chance. Maybe.

This latter option comes to picture when we talk about people who are famous on Instagram or other social media channels. There may be bloggers, models or just people claiming that they are some kind of models. They may be not much of celebrities anywhere else but if they have lots of followers on their channels they are famous enough. Followers are capital, like money. It brings power too. If that someone has lots of followers that someone will be interesting to donators. Because if the donated gift will be posted on the feed on popular channel it gets advertising.

If we take a look at the most followed fetish models they have very much different clothes and accessories. My question is that how much of them they have really bought themselves? How many of those clothes and items have been given to them as gifts?

We can see lots of latex garments on the models. Are those just borrowed for modeling? Or are those given as free gifts?

We can't know that. But as all the famous people are getting gifts that is not clearly mentioned or shown I'd say that we shouldn't believe everything we see on the internet. In some cases those nice clothes or items of any celebrity may be just borrowed for the photoshoot.

The disease we are living nowadays is the illusion and fantasy that is pushed into our minds. Celebrities, marketing companies and even ordinary individuals are creating a picture in the social media of something that may even not exist at all. It can be just fine for some people as they know the unrealism and don't care about it or they just don't know it but it doesn't bother either. But for some people these illusions create images which forces them to reach those fantasies too which doesn't exist or can't be reached. And I haven't talked about worries concerning appearances or similar subjects which have grown much in past years. 

It is sad that most of the sponsoring and marketing isn't transparent. This phenomenon is involved in the fetish scene too. Especially fetish models have often a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories on their pictures and profiles. It seems like they have an enormous wardrobe. But this is often just an illusion. The thing is that fetish models get clothes and gear just to show them off on the pictures and occasions. Sometimes they get them even as compliment gifts so they can show some providers products around. Just like in the normal modeling business.

Sponsoring itself isn't a bad thing. Of course manufacturers need attention for their products and models are really good advertisers. If they dress up in fetish clothing and gear it is certain that they will turn heads and gather looks. But what I'd like to see is the transparency on the marketing. The reality. Truth. Mentions about the sponsoring and gifts.

Other thing I'd like to see on the fetish scene is equality. The fetish modeling scene is 99% about women. I understand that fetish-dressed women are the ones who gather lots of men to the scene. But it is unfair that the fetish scene has been turning towards plain fetish female worshipping.

Sometimes it feels that the whole fetish scene and even fetish marketing is about seeing pictures of sexy girls dressed in rubber on every fetish-related context. Maybe most of the men want to stare and drool those pictures on countinuous feed but I got tired years ago. Lots of teasing and fantasy, zero girlfriend opportunities or realism. I'd wish to see more ordinary-looking people being fetish clothing models with less make-up, less body modifications and no pompous or "come-and-****-me" -expressions. Can't fetish clothing be available for ordinary ones too?

I'd love to see that the fetish scene is open for everyone. It actually is but the marketing shows only mega-sexy women. The picture this draws is that the scene would be only about few worshipped models, lots of women and no men. Well, this gathers stereotypic men. But the scene could welcome more of those hesitating women and couples if the marketing and advertisements would be different.

I would also like to see other people than just famous models getting gifts. Everyone can promote products. Even men. Oh, and did I already ask: Where are men? Can they get free gifts too?

Free gifts and sponsoring to fetish models? It's true. I have seen few cases in real life where popular female models have got gifts or borrowed clothes for photos. Mostly these are just not told to people. Because it could create negative feelings and do bad for business. Or drop follower counts.

Salary for the job done is always appropriate and salary can be also an item or a discount instead of money. But giving free gifts to certain people and making most of the people jealous and crave expensive fantasy life is unethical. That's why I demand mentions about free gifts and sponsoring. Because ethics.


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